50%+ of people who start planning a Barndo build fail to break ground...

Here's how to kick-start your Barndo home the right way: Avoid expensive errors and fast-track your build.

Building a Barndominium doesn't have to be difficult...

We’ve all been there, we see a beautiful home online or in-person and we want it too…it’s only natural.

Barndos have been all the rage over the last 5+ years and have exploded in popularity – and there’s good reason for it.

The alluring open plan living concept, the tall ceilings and the possibility of a very large workshop/garage.

It’s all very attractive.

My Story

It all begins around the start of 2018. 

I had just finished a long week of work and on a Friday night I was sitting on my porch after dinner, browsing around on Facebook where I came across a stunning metal-looking home structure.

After a couple of searches and clicking around some websites, I finally came across some really breathtaking home designs.

I discovered the “Barndominium” home.

I instantly fell in love and knew I wanted it to be our next move.

My husband and I had already discussed moving our family into a bigger place at this point.

I looked at hundreds of different ideas, floor plans and photos and started researching how to build one.

I wanted to act as my own general contractor (I had done some DIY before and thought I could manage the build myself, why not, right?).

It turned out that planning a brand new home from ground-up was a mammoth of a task.

But we really wanted our dream home for the kids so we marched up the mountain towards our goal…

*18 long months later*

We finally reached the finish line. 

My husband and I finally wrapped up our build (which took MUCH longer than we estimated) and settled in a short week later, ready to start ordering some new furniture, lights and a billiards table for the kids.

I learned a LOT of painstaking lessons the hard way over the course of that year and a half…

Building Your Very Own Barndo

There are so many moving parts when building a new barndo from scratch.

I can’t emphasize this enough.

When I took on the biggest project of my life, I wish I had a trusted advisor or “mentor” that was by my side to help my sidestep all the obstacles.

Even today, there still isn’t much guidance around as these homes are still such a new concept compared to traditional homes.

Building your new home shouldn’t be as stressful or worrying as it was for me.

The anxiety of home building can only be reduced from detailed planning, estimating and staying on top of those builders!

Which is a huge task in itself, as the saying goes “measure twice, cut once“.

That’s where I come in. 

I’ve learned my lessons, and I’ve been working hard to distill everything I experienced into a “recipe” that can work for you.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of helping many people in the community achieve the build they longed for.

A dream Barndominium which you can call home for all of the family.

I’ve collected all my written notes (piles of paper stacks!) from my time building and helping others, along with all the conversations I’ve had with different service providers and contractors.

I’ve put everything nice and neatly into this package to give the help I wish I had when I started my journey.

A detailed “roadmap” that you can pick up today…

Building a Barndo can be "Boom or Bust".

Here's what you'll discover:

How To Succeed Building Your Very Own Dream Barndo

330+ page ultimate eBook on how to build your own Barndo. 

It covers absolutely every aspect to ensure you can have a timely construction that can come in under your set budget.

Laws, costs, build timelines, interior and exterior design, financing and everything in-between and much more. Along with a full list of service providers.

We’ve also added all the “tips and tricks” that can be easily overlooked.


A collection of 200+ best Barndominium home floor plans. 

Our plans are for all budgets and home sizes. 

Whether you want a small “final home” or a deluxe 6 bedroom with double master-suites. We have you covered!

Looking for a plan with a loft, workshop, mud room, integrated garage or a breezeway? 

Flick through all these features and more inside.

Packed full of inspiration and ideas.


Here's What Some of Our Customers Say...

"I never thought I could build my own home, but this guide made it easier. The floor plans were detailed and easy to follow, making the process enjoyable."
Mary A.
Weatherford, TX
"Navigating the construction of a barndo was daunting, until I found this gem of a guide. It answered every question, eased every fear."
Nancy T.
Edmond, OK
"From a skeptic to a believer! I wasn’t sure if I could handle a project of this magnitude, but with the help of this comprehensive guide, I'm now building a barndo that is not just a house but a loving family home."
James V.
Waco, TX
"A goldmine for DIY enthusiasts! With over 200 floor plans, we had the flexibility to choose a design that fit our needs and budget!"
Cheri G.
Springfield, MO

Why Barndominium ZONE?


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We’re proud to have served tens of thousands of American Barndo enthusiasts and builders in the community over the years.


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The Ultimate Guide

The most comprehensive "how to" manual yet.
$ 37
  • 330+ Pages of Key build information
  • Accelerate your build
  • In-depth details on all aspects

The Best Floor Plans

200+ practical Barndo floor plans.
$ 37
  • 1-6 Bedroom floor plans
  • Suits all budgets & sizes
  • Get ideas and inspiration for your build

The Complete

The 3 part bundle for a faster barndo build.
$ 57
  • 334+ Page Ultimate Guide
  • 200+ Best Barndo Floor Plans
  • Free Bonus Extra (normally $27)
    The Barndo Planner. 103+ Printable sheets to track your build and budget.
Best Value

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